Scholarship Programs

The Academy for Healing and Transformation, a unit of our non-profit, Open Doors to Future Possibilities, Inc. is assisting with the financing enhanced educational possibilities for qualified mental health/counseling students and experienced professionals. We will provide Scholarships to the first 9 students who send us their applications to attend the Beginner Level Training Program, by May 30th, 2019.

The assessment tool utilized is a research-based Personal Agency Questionnaire developed by the Academy Founder (Simone Lundquist, Ph.D.). The Academy offers three levels of Education and Training:

  • The Beginner Level Training Program (Four Months)
  • The Intermediate Level Training Program (Three Months)
  • The Advanced Level Training Program (Six Months) 

Applicants are required to have a 4-year College degree to qualify for application to the programs offered at the Academy. 

These students will be exempt from paying tuition fees for the four-month intensive Beginner Level Training Program offered at the Academy.     

Among the students who successfully complete this Beginner Level Training program, 3 will be awarded with another scholarship to complete the 3-month intermediate program offered at the Academy.

All students exempt from tuition are obligated to serve the community members who come to the Consultation Center 10 hours a week during their education at the Academy, and for six months after their graduation from their program.

Upon completion of their obligations to the community, they will be offered paid positions at the Consultation Center and the Academy if they have established their trustworthiness in delivering the services they have been trained on.

    What Clients are Saying

    Amazing Speaker!

    “One of the best!!! Experienced, knowledgeable, understanding, intelligent, and needs to continue to educate! She was also Very open and Helpful when answering the questions that the audience had! Thank you!“

    Jon V.

    A Master At Getting To The Root Cause

    "Dr. Simone is a master at getting to the root cause and giving simple workable solutions to improving your situation :)"

    Brian Coyle


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    People continue doing the same things and, interestingly, expect different results…

    Just look around and see how many relationships are falling apart even after years of being together when they should actually be closer, right? Look around and see how many people are really unhappy in their life and not achieving their full potential, and have given up on their dreams and have settled for a routine day by day existence

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