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We are grateful to our supporters, donors and sponsors for enabling us to provide the marginalized, vulnerable and underserved members of our community with much needed programs and services which strengthen their hope and resilience and help establish environments that are supportive of all people.

We thank you for making it possible for us to provide healing and transformation to low-income individuals and families through your donations, support and volunteering at Open Doors to Future Possibilities.

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Alexander Glebov

Alkeen Wesby

Amanda Tortarolo

Andrew Alvey, MBA

Antonia Pulone & Stephen J. Walwyn 

Arlene D’agata

Blair Anaman Williams

Blanca Merlo

Casey Criste

Cristina Napolitano

Cynthia Repella

Cynthia Whitehead

Dianna Bonfield

Elena Basurto

Elisha Jenkins

Ellyn Kaschak, Ph.D.

Eloise Seegers

Florence Thomas

Hyunjoo Pae

Jacqueline Duran

James Weaver

Janice Richardson

Jeff Braverman

Jeri Jewitt

Joe Campbell

Joe McNamara

Julianne Latimer

Karen Skavdahl

Kimberly Fletcher

Kimberly Schubert

Kira Martin

Kristine Slear

Kristine Thompson

Linda Leas

Lisa and Paul Caputo

Margo Mead

Mari LaBelle

Mark Christie

Mary Herk

Mehrdokht Shirmohammadi

Mel Krizo

Michael Loewy, Ph.D.

Mike Lanning

Milad Anvar

Naga Chaluvadi

Owen Owunwanne

Patty and Tony Vieyra

Paula Messina, Ph.D. – San Jose State University Professor of Geology

Paulette Washington

Phyllis Minnagh

Raymond Crnkovic

Reza Hakimpour

Reza Khorami

Richard Scott

Roberto Machado

Robert Pellegrini, Ph.D. – San Jose State University Professor Emeritus of Psychology – Past President, Western Psychological Association

Sanjaya Sarsambi

Sarira Gharavi

Steven Harrison

Steven Johnson

Sudhakar Kalluri

Suzanne Emile

Timothy Butler

Trisha Tran

Valerie A. Main

Wenhua Xu

Chet Hastings


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Don Kong; Music Village  www.musvil.com

Ron Romano; Instant Marketing Systems   https://instantmarketingsystems.net

What Clients are Saying

Amazing Speaker!

“One of the best!!! Experienced, knowledgeable, understanding, intelligent, and needs to continue to educate! She was also Very open and Helpful when answering the questions that the audience had! Thank you!“

Jon V.

A Master At Getting To The Root Cause

"Dr. Simone is a master at getting to the root cause and giving simple workable solutions to improving your situation :)"

Brian Coyle

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