Communicate clearly with your prospective mates about what your expectations are and what you would be willing to invest or compromise in the relationship.

Negotiate, but do not insist.  Do not force them to fit your image of the ideal romantic partner for you.  Keep communicating clearly without criticizing them or making them wrong for being who they are.  Listen to them and their ideas about what they want and need.  Make a deadline and if they are not your right match, wish them well and move on to make space for the next candidate or new experience that the universe has to offer to you.  Remember that you HAVE options.

Do not think that any one person is “the only right romantic partner” for you.  Keep an eye on your values, dreams, and intentions for life, your likes, and dislikes, and choose potential candidates with more shared values and interests with you.  Be very clear with them as to your wants and needs.

– Dr. Simone