I know of only one way to REVENGE our enemies and those who wish us ill without attracting undesirable consequences to our own lives.

That REVENGE is clean and gives you the best feeling you could have ever imagined.  Curious to know what it is?  Look ahead rather than getting stuck in your past, don’t let your past sufferings dictate your future steps, succeed in whatever direction you desire, make your life a happy one, make good money, choose the right romantic partner with whom you can enjoy your life, learn new things, improve yourself in whatever way is meaningful to you, travel, get your dream occupation, engage in sports, arts, socialization and whatever makes you happy, make a difference in others’ lives, create, invent, sing, dance, play joyfully, … When your enemies hear about or even better, see where you are now, be sure that they will suffer; a suffering not caused by you or your ill intentions but as a result of your success and happiness!  Now that’s called a clean revenge!

– Dr. Simone